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Trend De La Creme is a website dedicated to fashion, style and pop culture and everything in between :)fashionista-girl


We’ll include a simple few pages about the fashion world and why we love it so much and a also few related articles.


Throughout the years, fashion has evolved but it has always been consistant in one way. It’s a never ending changing market and if designers dont adapt — well they simply die out and another hungry designer shows up to take their place with crazy ideas and designs. It makes the market super exciting and always changing. That’s why we have a passion for it. Certain trends never like like a nice pair of men’s cufflinks but some trends have a  tendency to flake out like a Borat mankini…



Although once a regularly edited magazine, trenddelacreme now has evolved into more of a laissez faire role mag and a platform for users to simply contact us with great ideas they have about fashion or simply comments they have over recent trends going on in the industry.


Here are some reviews from the glory days of this website:

“Creativity comes when a blog is able to captivate an audience with original ideas and posts that are not found somewhere else. Such creative blogs are hard to come by on the blogosphere. That is why we are celebrating Trend de le Crème, an exciting fashion blog that has emerged onto the scene this past year with a bang.” – Trend Hunter


“Trend de la Creme focuses on reporting, you guessed it, trends in fashion and dry sense of humor and eye for cultural allusions make her blog an amazing read. We find her talent for matching runway shots with other aspects of culture to be a valuable source of contemplation.” – Coutorture


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